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And the World Keeps Spinning

May 19, 2016 • Laurie Newbound

I didn’t drink much in college. It wasn’t a big part of the culture of Sarah Lawrence, (weed was way more popular) but I did a guest semester at Mount Holyoke, and that was, absolutely, a drinking school. Girls at Mount Holyoke actually had bars in the dorms. They would stock the top of the dresser with what you might put in a bar cart, they had mixers, they had CHERRIES in jars and LEMON slices.

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Seeing is Believing

January 25, 2016 • Laurie Newbound

I had perfect eye sight until I was around 41 and needed reading glasses. Around ten years later, seemingly out of the blue, I emerged from a plane flight and looked up at a monitor in the airport and realized it was blurry. So as my reading vision got worse, my distance vision (Short sighted? Near sighted? I get them confused) was also getting worse, but not as quickly.

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Fifty Shades of Tartan

January 18, 2016 • Laurie Newbound

I have to admit that, when it comes to reading, I am a bit of a snob. If the writing is clumsy and lazy, I don’t care if it’s a terrific story.   I liked the plot of The Da Vinci Code, but had a hell of a time getting through Dan Brown’s cliched and clunky prose.  I had exactly zero interest in reading Fifty Shades of Gray because I had heard from everyone I knew who had read it (and there were quite a few amongst my circle, including some of my daughters’ friends) that the writing was awful.  

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