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Roni Cohen-Sandler, PhD

Roni Cohen-Sandler, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist, nationally recognized author, and educator whose various professional roles enhance her ability to help teens, adults, and families. She has written three parenting books, the best-selling, I’m Not Mad, I Just Hate You!, the revised and updated Trust Me—Mom, A Less Stressful Approach to Mothering Teenage Daughters, and Easing Their Stress: Helping Our Girls Thrive in the Age of Pressure.

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December 15, 2015: The Power of Connection

Cathy Goldfarb, Psy. D., LCSW

Cathy Goldfarb, Psy. D., LCSW, is a private practice psychoanalytic psychotherapist, elder care consultant and geriatric care manager who has worked with individuals, couples, families and groups in West Los Angeles since 1992. She has a Doctorate in Psychoanalysis, a Master Degree in Social Work and has been licensed as a Clinical Social Worker since 1992. While she has recently given up the active care management part of her practice, she continues to work with people who are struggling with the issues of seniors, both with elders and their families.

You can reach Cathy Goldberg at