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December 6, 2015 • Laurie Newbound

I am fifty nine years old and I am losing my mind. Ok, I am not technically losing my mind, at least not yet. I see a therapist irregularly, and she assures me of this.

Of course, she is fifty nine, too, so not sure how much she can be trusted.  I just FEEL like I am losing my mind. And, to my defense, I think most of my friends are, too. As defined by Wikipedia, (yes, this is lazy, but it is as good a definition as any) “the SANDWICH GENERATION is a generation of people who care for their aging parents while supporting their own children.” The term was officially added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary in July 2006.

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The Ghosts of Children Past and Future

August 12, 2016 • Laurie Newbound


I am going to tell you something I have never told anyone before, partly because it makes me sound slightly crazy:
About fifteen or so years ago, when my oldest daughter Holly was around eleven, I thought I had received a visit from her from the future.  See?  I told you….
Ok, full confession, I have always had a special fondness for time travel plots.

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Two Weddings and No Funeral

August 1, 2016 • Laurie Newbound

My parents in 1953, me and my husband on our wedding day, 1988

My parents in 1953, my husband and me on our wedding day, 1988
This summer I attended back to back early July weddings, two weekends in a row, 6,000 miles apart. One was in California, one in England. I had forgotten what an emotional wallop this kind of event can be.  No, not this KIND of event, THIS actual event. A wedding.

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Ten Travel Tips

July 21, 2016 • Laurie Newbound

IMG_9755 (1)

There is a lot of advice out there about how to make travel, specifically airline travel, easier. We live in a time when flying around the country or the world has never been “easier,” but the era when it was fun to fly, when you dressed up and were treated respectfully whatever class you were flying, is long gone. The first time I flew I was eight years old, I was emigrating with my family from Toronto to Los Angeles and we had to fly through Chicago.  

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The Total Flip

June 13, 2016 • Laurie Newbound

A pretty little girl is reading a book to her teddy bears. They are all h

My parents moved to Los Angeles from Toronto in their thirties and greeted the sunny lifestyle there like a long lost friend. Both fair and blue eyed, neither of them started using sunscreen until well into their fifties, and even then it was sporadic.  In my household growing up, one of the biggest compliments to get or give was to say, “you caught the sun,” meaning you were tan or even working on a sunburn.

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